MON-FRI: 5am-10am EST

"The Morning Mashup"

Wake up every morning for a refreshing start to your day. Get energized and pumped with your favorite throwback....wait what's happening.....This is XL1 and we have taken over The Morning Mashup and we  are going to play whatever we want. At least until they figure out what we did....hahahahahaha.

good earth foundation (2)

Sun: 2pm-4pm EST

"Unapologetically Free" Radio

Time to get inspired and uplifted  and it all starts with the word of God. Get motivated with Kia Nesbitt as she brings you life changing and "Unapologetically Free" radio.

The Channing Brown Show Logo

Sun: 6pm EST

"The Channing Brown Show" 

Dig into the reality of the world with Rev. Channing Brown. This is not your everyday watered down show. This show discusses topics many leaders won't talk about.

MON-FRI: 10am-1pm EST

"The Time Machine" 

"The Time Machine" is a show that will take you back in time. Each week will be a different era in music with classic hits from the era of the week.

MON-FRI: 1pm-4pm EST

Chellie Shell's

HOUSE Party: 2pm 

"The Club House"

Join us inside the house that music built, "The Club House". It's all classic house music to include Baltimore Club Music, Chicago house, NYC house, Jersey Club Music, and so much more. Everyone has a ticket to Chellie's Shell's House Party. DJ Chellie Shell will be in the mix weekdays at 2pm eastern time.

The Ride Logo

MON-FRI: 4pm-7pm EST

The Steele Express: 5pm

"The Ride"

C'mon and ride out with everybody's favorite DJ, DJ Steele, and enjoy the sounds of your favorite throwback Hip-Hop and R&B music to make your ride home or evening at home more enjoyable. 

MON-FRI: 7pm-10pm EST

"DA Riddim"

Get into da "Riddum" with hours of classic dancehall hits from artists such as Shabba Ranks, Patra, Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Elephant Man, and so many more. 

MON-THURS: 10pm-12am EST

"Boo Time"

Cuddle up with the one you love, like, or...... well the one your with for the moment, with all the love songs from days past.

SAT: 12pm-12am EST

The Backyard BBQ mix: 5pm

The Backyard Block Party: 6pm

"The Backyard Party"

Break out the grill and crack open a cold. It's time for a down home cookout with 12 hours of all your throwback, old school, and blues favorites. Your also invited to The Backyard BBQ mix at 5pm eastern with DJ Tony and The Backyard Block Party with DJ Steele at 6pm eastern. Enjoy your favorite throwback, old school, and blues music in the mix with the BBQ mix and we're doing it LIVE inside the Block Party.